Pat Novak For Hire Special Radio Play Performance For Radio Day By The Bay

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Pat Novak For Hire Special Radio Play Performance For Radio Day By The Bay

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Pat Novak For Hire Special Radio Play Performance For Radio Day By The Bay

Pat Novak for Hire - special radio play performance for Radio Day by The Bay - Your Live Radio Play Cast - Sam Van Zandt , Celeste Perry , Michael Bennett , Hoyt Smith, Miranda Wilson , Richard Gossett, Scott Lettieri, Steve Kushman 
Your Director - Peter Finch
Your Live Sound Mixer - Dan Healy
Your Sound Effects Designer - Rick Banghart
Your Live Organ Accompanist - Jon Hammond​  "Novak is always getting into scrapes when taking on jobs for hire or occassionally as a favor to a friend. When he does, he goes to see "The Only Honest Guy I Know" an ex-Doctor and a boozer named Jocko Madigan (played by Tudor Owens). Novak's nemesis is Lieutenant Hellman of Homicide (played by Raymond Burr and others) who's constantly trying to get Novak sent to the gas chamber. 
Radio Dog Players -  California Historical Radio Society 

Language English 

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Calvin Black sighted in his mint 1957 Ford Thunderbird - Berkeley CA on Ashby Ave. & Telegraph Ave. motoring! - JH:

Jon Hammond's friends Gideon Schier and Franziska Krug visiting from Hamburg Germany at Radio Day by The Bay 2018!

Radio Play, Pat Novak, Jon Hammond, CHRS, Alameda, KGO TV, Steve Kushman


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