Jon Hammond Show 02 04 2023

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 02 04 2023 

Jon Hammond Show 02 04 2023

Jon Hammond 
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This broadcast of Jon Hammond Show 02 04 2023 is on the actual anniversary of first broadcast, 02 04 1984, 39 years ago. Kicking off 40th year of late night cable tv show in same time slot, late Friday nights / early Saturday: 01:30 AM Eastern Standard Time / EST - 28 minute show hosted and produced by organist Jon Hammond. On all the cable systems around New York City and streaming worldwide from MNN
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As written about in Billboard: "Alternative To Clips On Cable by Kim Freeman Billboard Magazine March 17, 1984 NEW YORK---Year-old BackBeat Productions hopes to break new ground in the video medium with it's first project, "The Jon Hammond Show." Currently airing on Manhattan Cable's Channel 3 and San Francisco's public access Channel 25, the program is a half hour of computer generated graphics synchronized with original jazz-fusion and rock music. Hammond's voice and his tapping boot are the only human intrusions during the show. "It's an alternative to the conceptual and concert footage videos. We're delivering an art form." says the show's host, BackBeat's co-founder Jon Hammond. The company also functions as a label, and Hammond says the broadcast will be a vehicle to expose artists on the BackBeat roster. Hammond say's he's close to securing slots on public access channels in New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston and plans to recoup investements by syndicating the show to national networks if and when it gains an audience. His partner in the venture is former Crusaders guitarist Barry Finnerty, who wrote the music for the first program. All songs on the "Jon Hammond Show" feature BackBeat's studio band of Finnerty, keyboardist Hammond, drummer Steve Ferrone and saxophonist Todd Anderson. KIM FREEMAN" 

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