Hammond's Secret Sauce Jon Hammond with the Hammond Report for TGIF Friday

Hammond's Secret Sauce Jon Hammond with the Hammond Report for TGIF Friday Crispy Potatoes 

Potatoes, Onions, Garlic and a little bit of Hammond's secret sauce - Jon Hammond

Excellent, Jon Hammond Local 802 AFM stage letters now applied to my Sk PRO
Hammond Keyboard/Organ with 4 Sound Engines, looking / sounding real good - and my Gator TSA flight case fits straight across the rear seat no pain no strain - ready to hit the dusty trail!
Suzuki Musical Instruments
Hammond Organ USA 

Big thanks to Signco America Team signs and Sandra Mosca & Marco de Virgiliis Markbass Amps team, my mini cmd Markbass gigging amp changed my life - light powerful great sound with basso-profundo!
Sincerely, Jon Hammond

9:45 am - 10:40 am
ACC, Plaza, ADJ Arena Plaza Stage
In-Person Only

Journalist Ricky Richardson Los Angeles News Observer: “Organist Jon Hammond served up a set of original compositions, funky, swinging jazz and blues to the delight of the crowd gathered at the ADJ Arena Plaza Stage."

Funky Swinging Jazz and Blues instrumentals original compositions by organist Jon Hammond featuring international soloists. As seen on cable TV for 38 years Jon Hammond Show, long-running music, travel and soft news program. Jon Hammond and band members have been performing at NAMM Shows and Frankfurt musikmesse for 33 years, as well as Music China, Japan Musical Instruments Fair and toured Germany with 21 piece Landesjugendjazzorchester German Youth Jazz Orchestra. ASCAP Composer Publisher and Member American Federation of Musicians Local 6 and Local 802, 2014 NAMM Believe in Music award recipient.

Leo Fender with Jon Hammond and Joe Berger - also Leo's longtime business partner Dale Hyatt and Mrs. Hyatt
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation's Leo Fender / Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender, Phyllis Fender (Mrs. Leo Fender) Joe Berger and myself Jon Hammond in Frankfurt Flughafen airport - Leo is holding my famous S.T. Dupont cigarette lighter Richard Nixon model special Chinese Lacquer studying the finish for possible use on one of his famous guitars - absolutely historic meeting folks - circa March 13, 1988 Frankfurt Germany
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