Stories And Music From Jon Hammond Band In The Ellington Room

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Stories And Music From Jon Hammond Band In The Ellington Room

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Stories And Music From Jon Hammond Band In The Ellington Room

Publication date 2018-03-12
Language English
Stories and Music from Jon Hammond Band in The Ellington Room
Jon Hammond at his 1959 Hammond B3 organ + Bill Beer Super Leslie Speaker
Joe Berger guitar
Ray Grappone drums
Chuggy Carter percussion
Todd Anderson tenor saxophone
Funky Jazz and Blues - ©HammondCast
#Jazz #Funk #B3 #Organ #Stories

I've got some real good stories and tunes with the boys Jon Hammond Band

and my 1959 Hammond B3 organ has a lot of stories also, I bought it from the original owners in Lincoln Center - they cried when I came to take it away and I sat with them and assured them I would take good care of it and do good things with it - my Bill Beer Super Leslie speaker was built for me by Bill Beer in Los Angeles back in 1972. He updated it twice, the last time just before he died sadly. It is deadly - has all JBL speaker and horn components and powered by Bill's top secret design bi-amplifier. Al Goff at Goff Professional-Hammond Organs knows more about my Bill Beer Leslie than anybody out there, he was good friends with Bill (Keyboard Products of Los Angeles)! - Jon Hammond

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